20 Surprising NBA Facts That You Never Knew

The Tallest Player was 7’7″

Romanian centre Gheorghe Muresan is the tallest man ever to play in the NBA, standing a towering 7’7″, who spent a total of five seasons in the league.

Michael Jordan Wasn’t A First Pick

Michael Jordan is regarded as the greatest to ever have played basketball, but the 1984 NBA Draft, he didn’t get selected in the first round and was passed over by the Houston Rockets and Portland Trail Blazers.

The Shortest Player Was Only 5’3″

Muggsy Bogues was drafted into the NBA even though he was only 5’3″ and had a 14 year career.

Only Four Teams Have Won More Than Three Times

These teams have built an NBA dynasty by winning more than four times: the Celtics, Lakers, Bulls, and San Antonio Spurs.