20 Strange Addictions Almost No One Wants To Admit

Dirt Addiction

Originating from everything from health to hunger concerns, dirt addiction is real in Haiti. Eating dirt pies is one of the weirdest addictions on our planet and people usually don’t understand it.

Funeral Addiction

People usually don’t like going to funerals. It is a sad moment that most of us try to avoid when at all possible. But, some people, like Luis Squarisi, loves attending funerals. This 40 year old man has been to every funeral that has taken place in his hometown over the past 20 years.

Ice Addiction

Pagophagia is also known as ice addiction and it means that an addicted person must chew on ice every single day. This addiction is explained by scientists who claim that it’s a sign of low iron levels in blood.

Cosmetic Surgery Addiction

Cosmetic surgery can be life changing, we all know this. But for some people, it’s an addiction. The best example is Jocelyn Wildenstein, a millionaire who spent more than $4 million on cosmetic surgery over the years.