20 Real Struggles For The Painfully Shy

In this day and age, it’s hard to find someone who’s not an exhibitionist. With celebrities leaking naked photos like they’re going out of fashion, and people on the street sporting ever-revealing costumes, it looks like ours is a society completely open, unafraid to share everything with everyone.

For some people, though, the world’s a much different place. Sitting in the corner, or lurking behind the crowd can be found the shy person. Continually trying to avoid the limelight, the timid person can find the contemporary world to a very strange place indeed. If you’re shy, we feel your pain and hopefully after this, everyone else will too.

Realizing You Have A Crush On Someone

Getting on crush on someone when you’re shy is a fate worse than anything else. Too scared to say anything, lest they realize your affection, you’re doomed to suffering your feelings in silence, carrying around the burden of your flame as it slowly torches you from the inside out.

Being Told Not To Be Shy

When you trust someone enough to reveal your worries about being shy, you are pretty much guaranteed this response. Confident people just don’t get being shy but, true to form, you’re too nervous to pull them up on it.

Always Being Described As The Quiet One

In your group of friends, everyone has their own description and when the time rolls around for you to get your title, you know exactly what’s coming. Deep down, you know that you’re not quiet at all but on most occasions, you don’t want to draw attention to yourself and simply suffer in silence.

Having To Present To A Group Of People

School presentations were invented by people with no compassion. While you’re always happy to do the work, you can’t deal with having to address a group of people that you don’t know that well. Normally, your teacher flunks you just because you’re so timid.