20 Pregnancy Photo Fails That Will Make You Cringe

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Being pregnant is a special time in a woman’s life, so they want to take photos to remember the time they were carrying their son or daughter inside of them. A lot of moms-to-be create such cute and thoughtful photos and it is something they can cherish the rest of their lives. Then we have moms-to-be like the ones that made this list! These are pregnancy photo fails that will make you happy to be without child right now.

Free Spirit

We look at this picture and think of the mom being a free spirit and probably wishing she was high on something right now, but can’t be while pregnant! She just looks creepy all wrapped up in that tree.

Happy Halloween!

The expression on their faces says it all. He is overly excited to be taking this photo and she looks like she is putting a smile on her face but wanting to kill him as soon as the photo is taken!

Grandparents Not Needed

We are not sure why any grandparents would want to be in a photo like this, but they definitely make it awkward. If you cut them out, the couple wouldn’t look bad and they would look like normal couples in these type of photos.

The Circle Of Life

Someone went over-the-top with their pregnancy photo, huh? That is some intense makeup and it is way too much, but we love “The Circle of Life” on her chest!

Every Angle Needed

She definitely thinks people really want to see her pregnant belly. To make sure everyone sees every inch of it, she took a photo with every angle possible. That is a whole lot of belly!

Alien Baby

We all know what is growing inside of you, so do you really need a charcoal drawing of the fetus? The drawing is done very well, but it is way too creepy for us, especially the umbilical cord.

Party For Three

Not sure why the mom would be downing a fifth of liquor, but she seems to want to party it up in this photo. Then the guy is drinking out of a bottle! So, is she going to have two babies to take care of soon?

Plastic Disaster

We are getting an angel vibe from this one, but no clue on what she was thinking. The pose is awkward and there is way too much plastic wrapped around her and it just looks weird.

Merry Christmas!

We will never understand why mothers feel the need to get naked for pregnancy photos. We can see your pregnant belly with clothes on, but this mom pulls out all the stops and brings out the Santa hat and bow around the belly!

The Father Is…

Maybe this was their way of announcing who the father was? Keep him hidden and give small clues until the baby is actually born and then reveal the father once the paternity test is done!

Pillsbury Dough-Mom

There is so much creepiness in this photo and we love every second of it! The dad is scarily staring at the mom and the way he is poking her belly is awkward. Then the mom is looking at him like she wants to kill him!

Not Amused

We are thinking this was the father’s idea for this photo. He pretends to catch the baby in his baseball mitt, but the mom is not amused one bit. We think he’s going to strikeout on this one!

Don’t Hurt The Baby!

What possess a mother to climb into a tree and hang there for a photo? Lets get a photo of mom and dad making out in a tree while hanging on a limb and then send it out to their families. That poor baby doesn’t know what he/she’s getting themselves into, if the parents are already acting like this.

Get Back or He’ll Shoot

So, the mom looks to be younger than the guy. Is that the father of the baby or the father of her? He is very protective of her, so don’t mess with her or her stretch marks!

Happy Holidays

In her mind, she probably thought this was going to be a cute and good idea. Don’t blame her, as she has pregnancy brain and is not thinking properly. This turned out awkward and no one wants a Christmas card with that on the front!

Dad’s Stomach Is Glowing!

First, why does the dad have a big belly and a glowing picture of a baby on it? Second, what are they even doing here? This is so creepy and then add in a full-grown baby growing inside of him and we need to move on to the next photo!

It Comes Out Of There?

We are guessing it was time for an anatomy lesson for their daughter, so they were showing her where the baby comes out. Either that or they’re trying to poorly act out a football stance… Nevertheless, we think this is a little TMI for the daughter.

No Shirts Allowed

We go back to our statement earlier and why women feel the need to get naked when taking pregnancy photos. To help her feel more comfortable, the whole family took off their shirts for the camera. The little kid was having none of it though!

No Shoes Allowed

From the look of this photo, we are thinking the mom should have said stop a few months earlier! Dad looks very creepy while riding the little car and apparently no socks were allowed for this photo shoot.

Save The Best For Last

We are glad those stars are where they are! That is a lot of makeup and a lot of glitter, but who can the mom really share this photo with? She looks so scary, but the blue alien growing inside of her is worse!