20 Photos Of Animals Dressed As Humans

What is more interesting than a human? Easy — it’s simply an animal dressed like a human of course! There is nothing more adorable than a dog dressed up in a suit or a cat in a ballerina’s tutu. From dressing up domesticated pets to adorning monkeys and aardvarks in full costume, all of these critters are quite literally more stylish than most humans in the world. Here are 20 adorable photos of animals dressed up as people. You be the judge and decide who wore it best; the human or the animal. Take a look and see for yourself!

Sometimes Pigs Like To Dress Up As Mice

Minnie Mouse never looked this good.

And Sometimes Dogs Are More Fabulous Than Their Owners

This dog is giving me serious Paris Hilton vibes.

Some Rats Are Pretty Talented Dancers

The Rat King isn’t the star of The Nutcracker for nothing.

And Meerkats Are Smarter Than We Think

Just look at this guy!

Sometimes Monkeys Are Woody Allen Dopplegangers

Or Larry King. Those round frames are iconic.

And Ava Gardner Dopplegangers As Well

Just look at those dramatic paws!

If You Need Your Fortune Told, This Dog Can Help!

“I see a squirrel in your future…”

This Cat Looks Classier Than Most People, Honestly

That Burberry print is so on point. Meow!

And This Cat…Just Does Not Look Pleased.

This one has a serious case of Mondayitis.

If You Need Help With Your Gardening, You Know Who To Call

Even the chicken in the picture looks confused.

Also, If You’re Looking For A Lumberjack, I Know A Guy

This dog looks a little too happy to be chopping a tree down.

These Two Really Know How To Rock A Jumpsuit!

Are they dating or are they twins? So many questions about these two.

I Have No Words For This

From the googley eyes to the tiara, I’m quite speechless.

Proof That Mother Goose Isn’t Just A Nursery Rhyme

Seriously, you heard it here first.

This Aardvark Is Rocking Denim Like No Other!

This denim look is pretty intimidating, honestly.

And This Guy Looks More Stylish Than Most Humans

The plaid and tweed combo is everything.

This Teacup Pig Looks Ready For Tea Time!

Pretty in pink, all the way!

Here Comes The Bride

I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride.

This Monkey Looks Prepped For Winter.

This monkey is ready for the next snowstorm.

And Of Course, Who Could Forget The Ikea Monkey

No one rocks a shearling coat like this poor creature.