20 Of The Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween is honestly the ultimate day to dress up like whatever you have always dreamed of being. It’s the one day where you can truly follow your heart. If you’ve always wanted to be an astronaut, then you can dress up as an astronaut! If your dream is to be a banana, then you can be the banana you’ve always wanted to be! But there’s a fine line between following your Halloween dreams, and turning into a complete costume nightmare. And even celebrities can make serious Halloween mistakes. Here are 20 of the absolute worst celebrity Halloween costumes in existence.

Audrina Patridge

Is this supposed to be Madonna? Nice try, Audrina.

Kim Kardashian

Between the messy wig and the skin tight green skirt, this is probably the most obnoxious mermaid costume out there.

Minnie Driver

What is she supposed to be, a fairy? She’s literally wearing a nightgown and some Burning Man face paint.


Frankly, we have no idea what Snooki is trying to be. Is she a pea? A frog? Who knows.