20 Of The World’s Dumbest Criminals

Clowning Around

Even a convenience store has to close at some point. So, when a local store shut down for the night, a man dressed in his finest clown pajama pants and walked in front of the store before putting on his stocking mask. His face was caught on camera.

Pool Games

Police were looking for a criminal within a building, when one officer called out, “Marco”. The suspect, who just couldn’t resist, responded with “Polo”, which ended up with him being handcuffed.

Trouble With the Stick

Two criminals in University City wanted to get their hands on the keys to a vehicle and the woman’s money, but the lady drove a manual transmission vehicle. Unfortunately, neither criminal knew how to drive a stick. Both were caught attempting to figure it out.

A Lawyer’s Support

A burglar thought it was smart to break into a house around Christmas time to steal the homeowner’s items and sell them for his own Christmas gifts. However, police were already inside the house interviewing the people for another crime.