20 Of The Most Well-Known Urban Legends

The Hookman

This urban legend is a tale about a young couple that were driving and heard on the radio about a hook-handed maniac that escaped from the mental institution. When they get home, they find the a hook was embedded in the back of the car. It is believed that the couple ran over the hook-handed man and he came back for revenge. The move I know What You Did Last Summer is based on this tale.

Chain Letters

Almost every person has been sent a chain letter at one time or another via email or social media. The myth is that if you don’t pass on the chain letter something terrible may happen to you or you will be broke for the rest of your life. Don’t worry, many people will tell you nothing has ever happened to them for failure to send out a chain letter. So it’s safe to pass it up.

The Slender Man

The slenderman urban legend got its start through an online photoshop competition, where someone created a supernatural character of an extremely thin man. The slenderman was supposedly abducting children who saw him and they were never seen again. This has never been proven and is considered as just another myth.

Shaving Your Hair

Many people don’t shave certain areas on their body for fear it will grow back much thicker. This stems from the fact that once hair grows back, the short hair stubs have a blunt tip until it grows out, which makes it appear as if it’s thicker.