20 Of The Funniest One-Liner Jokes By Our Favorite TV Characters

Today with a number of networks and companies trying to push innovation in TV Streaming forward and deliver great content, we get a completely new TV show or a renewed version of an old one almost every day. However, there are only a number of sitcoms who manage to reserve a place in our hearts and make us forget the worries of the day and just enjoy the little moments. Of course, each of our favorite characters in these has a special catchphrase which makes us smile, and we can’t say that a single character is funnier than the other, but we’ve decided to take out some of the best one-liners we’ve heard, mix them up with some of the best catchphrases ever heard in sitcoms and deliver them to you. So here we go!

“Her Lips Said ‘No,’ But Her Eyes Said ‘Read My Lips.'”

Although our younger audience has probably only heard for Frasier through online comments, the truth is that the show is one of the best sitcoms to ever be shown on TV. Although almost every single line from the show is a great joke, the infamous phrase from Neils Crane played by David Hyde Pierce will make us giggle every time. So, what did her eyes say?

“No Soup For You!”

Loved and hated by generations, Seinfeld is no doubt one of the most iconic TV sitcoms of all time. Although there are a number of memorable lines from the show, including “Not that there’s anything wrong with that,” “Yadda yadda yadda,” and “shrinkage” among others, the infamous catchphrase, which spawned a meme and is used to this day “No soup for you” is by far our favorite.

“How’s A Beer Sound, Norm?” – “I Don’t Know, I Usually Finish Before They Get A Word In.”

If you are looking for a great one-liner joke to tell your bartender next time they ask you for another beer, look no further than this one. The infamous joke from Norm in the iconic sitcom Cheers may very well be one of the most hilarious one-liners ever.

“Never Half-Ass Two Things. Whole-Ass One Thing.”

This line or pretty much any advice from Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson is both hilarious and extremely true at the same time. Fans of the show praise the character in a special manner, and it’s true that if you want some deep motivation on your wall, getting the ‘Swanson Pyramid of Greatness’ is the right way to go.