20 Of Nicki Minaj’s Wackiest Outfits

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Nicki Minaj caused quite a stir when she burst onto the scene a few years ago. But it wasn’t just her controversial lyrics that made heads turn; it had a lot to do with her fashion as well. The female rapper decided to take a different route than her counterparts, opting instead for wacky outfits and crazy wigs while still highlighting her much talked about assets. Although her fashion has now taken a different turn, let us look back at some of Nicki Minaj’s wackiest outfits.

Leopard Print Overload

This outfit certainly garnered attention at the Grammy awards. From the crazy head-to-toe leopard print to the Mrs Frankenstein hair.

Flaming Red

During a performance, the rapper wore a full red ensemble with strappy leather details and thigh high red boots.

Muffled Space Alien

I guess she couldn’t decide on one theme so she went with several. A sparkling metallic bodysuit, matching dust mask, ruffled underwear, ice cream necklace, and cartoon socks with teddy bear in hand. Wow!

Pageant Queen

Looking like someone straight out of a ‘little miss’ pageant, the star went with a glittery tutu mini dress paired with pink water boots and blond puffy pigtails.

Versace Madness

Donatella Versace created this colorful ensemble for the rapper, which she wore to an event held by the brand. She topped off the outfit with sky high heels and a curly green wig.

Chicken and Plastic

I’m not sure where to begin with this one so let’s just focus on the huge chicken leg, over-sized bangles and transparent skirt which seems to be made from plastic.

Pope Inspired

Taking a somewhat dramatic turn from her rainbow colored outfits, Nicki shocked everyone at the Grammy Awards when she showed up in this head-turning, Pope inspired outfit.

Teddy Bear Dress

Clearly a throwback to her childhood days, the rapper wore a dress made out of teddy bears with fluffy shoes while on set for a music video.

Triangle Hair

Compared to her other outfits, this one looks quite normal; but compared to the rest of the world it really isn’t. The brightly colored mini dress paired with blue stocking and blue shoes might be okay if it wasn’t for the triangular-shaped blond wig.

The Jetsons

This outfit looks as if it was snatched straight from a Jetson’s episode; but I guess the once popular cartoon was her inspiration.

Little Bo Peep

Definitely a play on “little bo peep” except Nicki put her own spin on this storybook character with an array of colors and prints and, of course, her blonde wig.

Sexy Barbie Doll

The rapper showed off lots of cleavage in a yellow leather bustier, striped gloves, mini skirt and printed leggings while performing at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Space Invader

The Grammy winner opted for a sexy space invader costume in pink and purple along with her signature pink hair for a wild performance.

Rib Cage Dress

At the American Music Awards, the singer wore a one-of-a-kind pink and green dress with a gold rib cage covering. Oh and don’t forget the blonde hair with green tips.

Purple Power

Purple hair, purple stockings, yellow mini skirt and bright yellow fur shoes wasn’t the craziest part of this outfit. Her optical illusion blouse, over-sized bangles and colorful fake Popsicle took the cake.

Oh Bow

Yes, the tutu skirt and colorful tights are wacky, but look at that humongous bow and pretzel necklace that Nicki wore to the Prabal Gurung runway show in 2012.

Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson may not be caught dead in that outfit but that is definitely her hairstyle. Of course, Nicki choose her favorite pink color, instead of Marge’s blue.

Cotton Candy

Nicki was going for a cotton candy type of vibe when she opted for this colorful leotard underneath a cinched bustier, plus huge shoulder-pads and purple hair.

Lingerie And Leggings

Most of us save lingerie for the bedroom, but Nicki wears hers on the streets. Check out her pink tights, gladiator shoes and black lace lingerie while heading to an appearance.

Sexy Space Barbie

During a photo shoot, Nicki opted for a colorful barbie-inspired outfit and super high platforms with pink hair. On top of all that she added a pink space mask.