20 Natural Sweeteners Worth Your Time

Muscovado Sugar

Made from unrefined and evaporated whole cane juice that is dried slowly, muscovado sugar retains its natural molasses and trace vitamins and minerals. It has a slightly sticky texture and can be used in almost any baking recipe. It’s very similar to brown sugar.

Turbinado Sugar

To make turbinado sugar, sugar cane juice is heated, then spun in a centrifuge or turbine to extract the moisture and molasses to create large crystals. Visually, it looks more like refined sugar than raw sugar.

Demerara Sugar

Demerara is very similar to turbinado sugar. There are 2 distinctions between the two. The crystals formed from Demerara are not as fine at turbinado. Additionally, Demerara is less sticky than turbinado.

Rapadura Sugar

Rapadura is the least refined of all sugarcane products and it replaces traditional sugar 1 to 1. Due to its darker color, it’s most appropriate to use when baking goods like brownies or stir it in black coffee or black tea.