20 Honest Brand Slogans That Make More Sense Than The Actual Ones

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As much as we hate to admit it, brands are not always 100% honest–even our favorite brands. Advertising is created to promote and entice a sale, not to tell the truth. Advertising reflects the brand’s core values and consumers’ positive image perceptions. Thus, graphic designer Clif Dickens created the design project entitled ‘Honest Slogans’, a project that pokes fun at some of our favorite brands, creating more truthful and relevant slogans.

The project features some popular brands such as Nike, McDonald’s, Uggs, Best Buy, Facebook and more. Here are just 20 of our favorites in the series — tell us, are your favorite brands in the list and do they speak the truth?


Because every partygoer knows the unspoken rule: ‘you snooze, you lose’.


And giving you a false sense of belief that you are professionally well-connected.


Oh wait–was it Monopoly or Uno?


The ultimate stalking tool!

Harley-Davidson Motors

For the 40-something rebels with a mortgage.


So true–every time we go online and look up our symptoms, we end up convincing ourselves that we’re pregnant — and we’re male.

Urban Outfitters

The perfect brand to look like a hobo.


Who reads the Terms and Conditions anyway?


Disclaimer: For damaged TV screens, most insurance do not cover for direct impact on a gaming console controller.


Hilarious, but isn’t this the point for all printer companies?


Those Starbucks baristas couldn’t even get my dad’s name, Bob right.


I guess this has been everyone’s experience and not just ours…


What was the white for, anyway?


They’re cute little plates that you can eat!

Candy Crush

Seriously, why is this still legal? Everyone hates this game but no one can quit it.


Nyquil never fails to get us into deep sleep for a few hours.

Men’s Health

Every. Single. Issue.


Well, technically it’s not really air but it’s nitrogen gas, but then again air is 78% nitrogen, but we can all agree that 80% of the bag is empty.

The History Channel

The History Channel is best defined by only one of their shows: Aliens.

Hot Pockets

Don’t we all hate it when we get a cold bite?