20 Haunting Pictures Of Abandoned Locations In The U.S.

Matthew Christopher has been fascinated by abandoned sites since he was a child. A decade ago he started taking pictures of them professionally. He travels the US taking pictures of abandoned buildings. His mission is to record history as industries and social institutions that were once popular now lay in ruins. Here are 20 of his most beautiful, haunting pictures. The rest of his work and more information about the photographer can be found on his website.

Light In Ruins

This picture of an anonymous abandoned aquarium shows light peeking in a huge mostly empty room. Only the sharks painted on the wall give us a clue as to what it used to be.

Mostly Boarded Up

“Algonquin River State Hospital” is the pseudonym for this huge abandoned hospital. It was once built over budget and over schedule, raising questions as to was this too much for a hospital. The product however was breathtaking. Because of the beautiful, delicate materials used in the making of the building, it has not stood up to time and what remains is a husk of its former glory.

Wheelchair And Stuffed Animal Waiting For Owner

Boston Psychopathic Hospital was the first mental health hospital (as opposed to asylum) in Massachusetts. This hospital closed its doors in 2003 and was demolished in 2011. When this picture was taken, here was a wheelchair and a stuffed animal just sitting there just waiting to be used again.

Crumbling Prison Walls

“G.B. Piranesi Prison” is another pseudonym. Christopher uses many fake names in his work because, as he puts it, “Abandoned buildings are vulnerable and I do not want my work contributing to their decline.” The chipping paint on these walls tell stories, some of which would likely be too painful or creepy to hear.