20 Funny And Weird Digital Works Of Art

Dandelion Seed Head – Artist Unknown

Imagine your head like a dandelion blossom and your thoughts are seeds—and they won’t come back till next spring. Well, that’s an excuse to hibernate for the winter, right?

Futuristic Soldier With Rose – Artist Unknown

Who knew that futuristic soldiers with full armor could be so romantic outside a well-known coffee shop? After all, he’s down on one knee. How could any woman’s heart withstand that pledge of love?

Gas-Masked Person in Front of Former Golden Arches – Artist Unknown

This image says it all about what might happen in the future if we somehow used nukes to get into it with each other and all that’s left are remnants of our former civilization. Indeed, no more words need be said.

Happy Green Blob – Artist Unknown.

To relieve the depression of the previous image, here’s something you don’t have to ponder till your head hurts: happiness. Sometimes you just have to get excited about life, and Happy Green Blob is only too willing to remind us of this by jumping up and down and being outrageously, adorably cute about it.