20 Facts About The NFL You Never Knew

When the month of August rolls around, a lot of people start thinking about football again. Fans go crazy from then through the beginning of January, rooting for their favorite teams. Having been around since 1932, there’s a long, interesting history behind the NFL. There are a lot of really entertaining facts that you probably haven’t heard of before, but now you’ll come out the winner of the next NFL trivia game thanks to this list of 20 truly crazy facts about the NFL.

The Bay State Patriots

The New England Patriots were almost named the Bay State Patriots. While this name lasted a month, the NFL didn’t appreciate what the initials spelled.

The Green Bay Packer Have The Hottest Tickets In The NFL

Signing up for Green Bay Packers season tickets today means you’ll get them in 1,000 years. This is because there are about 86,000 people on the waiting list today.

Wilson Balls For The NFL

Wilson manufactures 4,000 footballs per day. You can only make 10 footballs from a single cowhide.

NFL’s Game Days

Although known for their Sunday, Monday and Thursday games, the NFL has played games on every day of the week.