20 Everyday Solutions That Actually Cause Problems

Daily Shampooing

Daily cleaning is an important ritual for a lot of people, but cleaning too much or rather too well can be bad. With few exceptions, washing hair on a daily basis can strip away all of the natural oils that make hair look lustrous and healthy.

Blowing Your Nose

When your sinuses are blocked, it probably seems like the best and easiest solution to just blow your nose as hard as you can. Unfortunately that will only block your sinuses up even more. Next time, try wetting a cloth and gently blowing one nostril at a time.

Warming Up Your Car

As long as the car has been around, people have been letting run for a few minutes to warm up on a cold morning. Car experts actually say this practice can be harmful to your vehicle. You’re better off letting it warm up for a mere 30 seconds and then start driving – the car will get warmer quicker this way.

Wiping Away Sweat

Sweat is wet and often smelly, so it is only natural to want to rid yourself of it… but that will only make things worse for you. Sweating occurs when you get too hot. Your body releases water to evaporate off of the skin and cool you – wiping it away keeps you hot.