20 Crazy Things Doctors Have Found Inside People’s Bodies

Buzz Lightyear

Parents constantly have to watch out for what their children are putting in their mouths, simply because of the fact that they don’t know how dangerous eating non-edible items can be. Youngsters will often try to swallow all sorts of items. Toys are a common item of choice for kids and one actually managed to swallow a rather large Buzz Lightyear figure from Toy Story that had to be surgically removed.


Margaret Daalman had to go to hospital and have surgery to remove a collection of forks and spoons from her stomach, digestive system and throat after the Netherlands woman had swallowed them. Eating strange items isn’t a particularly rare event. In Fact, one neurological disorder known as pica can be very common in women and can occur due to chemical imbalances or an iron deficiency. It generally causes the sufferer to eat substances that are not nutritious and not really edible.

Coke Bottle

During a burglary, a 60-year-old man claimed that he was sexually abused by the men who had entered his home. A few days later he went to hospital complaining of intense pain in his abdomen and constipation. Doctors scanned the elderly victim and found that he had a full sized coke bottle inside his colon that was entirely intact that required specialist equipment to remove. The man believes that the burglars must have inserted the bottle during the ordeal.

Live Grenade

Private Channing Moss was on patrol in the Paktika Province in Afghanistan when Taliban fighters ambushed him along with his fellow soldiers. They fired several rocket-propelled grenades at the troops and one stuck Moss in the abdomen. While this would usually be fatal for the victim and anyone around him, the grenade did not explode for some reason leaving Moss with a live explosive device in his stomach. He was then taken to an army hospital where surgeons and bomb disposal experts managed to remove the grenade safely.