20 Crazy Russian Superstitions You Won’t Believe

Stepping Over People On The Ground

Stepping over someone, or parts of their body, when they are on the ground, is considered a huge taboo in Russia. Should do you it, it is said that the person on the ground will not grow any further and to prevent this, you need to step backwards over them.

Sitting At Table Corners When Unmarried

Singletons have even more reason to feel uncomfortable at dinner parties in Russia. If you’re unmarried, sitting at the corners of a table will prevent you from getting hitched in the future.

Women With Empty Buckets

If you see a woman with empty buckets walking towards you, beware. Women walking in this way are thought of as bad omens and if you come face to face with a bucket holder, you could face some very bad luck.

Walking On Different Sides Of A Tree

Groups of two people should stick to the same side of a tree when walking together. Splitting up could spell bad things for both parties and places a bad omen for the future.