20 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About ‘How I Met Your Mother’

The CBS comedy may be over and done, but it’s hard to forget it after a nine-season run, a sprawling story arc, enough laughs to fill a freight train, and pretty much everything related to Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney Stinson. So, fans who feel like taking a trip down memory lane — or an imaginary one to MacLaren’s Pub — are in luck, because here are twenty tidbits and facts so awesome they’re practically legendary. Or possimpible, as Barney might put it.

The Bro Code Is Real

Barney’s oft-referenced code of honor sees a lot of use in the show, complete with history lessons of dubious credibility (thanks to the ninjas, at the very least). Incidentally, he’s well off-base; in reality, the code only began to exist because he mentioned it in the show’s run — and more to the point, The Bro Code has been available for purchase since 2008. There’s no telling what effect it’ll have on men in the future, but at the very least the Code will have a genuine — albeit much less interesting — chronology to follow.

Neil Patrick Harris Is A Talented Magician

As long as the subject of Barney is still fresh, it’s worth noting that he’s a man of magic — both onscreen and off it. Not only has he performed at The Magic Castle Club in Los Angeles, but his reputation and his rank go much further. At one point, he actually held the title of “Ambassador of Magic”. It sounds made-up, but apparently it’s a legitimate title — which seems like a missed opportunity that the show could have exploited, but it’s best not to dwell on it.

Scenes With Future Ted’s Kids Were Filmed In Advance

They may not appear much throughout the show’s run, but Luke and Penny help reinforce the show’s entire premise — so it would have been more than a little awkward for Future Ted to end the last episode talking to people who had suddenly grown almost a decade earlier. Luckily, the show’s masterminds had the foresight to film ahead; their final scene was wrapped up back in 2005, when the show first started. That’s a level of planning that a Bond villain would be jealous of.

Victoria Was Almost The Mother

How I Met Your Mother may have made it to nine seasons, but like any TV show, there was no guarantee it would even make it past one. That’s a problem when the whole story banks on a major journey, but the crew handled it with a backup plan. If the worst came to pass and the show was cut short, then Ted’s baker girlfriend Victoria would slot into the role of The Mother — which makes sense, considering how close they came to a serious relationship. It didn’t work out, but on the plus side: Victoria is Ted’s most popular girlfriend according to the fans. There’s probably a barge’s worth of fan fiction out there that gives them their happy ending.