20 Bizarre Uses For Coca-Cola That People Actually Use

Get Rid Of Skunk Smell

Being sprayed by a skunk is never a pleasant experience and the problem is only made worse by the fact that the smell can seem impossible to get out of your clothes, hair and body. According to several experts, Coca-Cola can do just that though. Soaking clothes in a mixture of coke and detergent will help get them smelling fresh again while covering yourself in the drink in the shower before rinsing off can also get rid of the odor.

Clean Clothes

Coca-Cola cannot just help with getting rid of skunk smells from clothes though, it can also help to clean them. The chemicals and ingredients provide a good way to remove stains from clothes that normal detergent won’t get out, like blood or grease. You can either soak the clothes in some of the soda before a wash or pour some in along with the detergent and let the machine do its job.

Special Effects

Ever wanted to make a photograph appear as if it was taken decades ago rather than in the last few years or make a document look as if it is actually vintage? Well those effects can be mimicked pretty easily simply by soaking the paper or photo in some coke and then letting them dry out. This should give them a tinged look as the Coca-Cola will stain then with a light brown coloring.

Removing Gum

Walking down the street can be a constant hazard thanks to chewing gum that is often thrown away on the floor rather than in a bin. Once left to dry and harden, gum will generally take a lot of hard work and effort to remove from clothing or shoes. One simple way to help get the substance off is to soak the item in the drink and then scrape it off. It even works with hair.