20 Awesome Film Cameos You Probably Missed

John Hurt in Spaceballs

John Hurt’s skin-splitting performance in Alien has gone down in cinema as one of the most memorable and disgusting scenes of all time. Hurt repeats his chest-bursting performance in Spaceballs, delivering the film’s only memorable scene.

Martin Scorsese in Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese not only directed the 70’s cult classic Taxi Driver but also, has a small starring role in the film. Stepping into the back of main character Travis Bickle’s taxi, Scorsese’s businessman is soon scared off, starring in the film for less than 2 minutes.

Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street

2012 film 21 Jump Street is a cinematic adaptation of the 80’s TV series of the same name, starring a little known actor called Johnny Depp. It only made sense, then, that Johnny Depp should return to his roots in the film and make a cameo appearance as his original character Officer Tom Hanson.

Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers

Proving that there is no funnier actor around, Will Ferrell makes a hilarious cameo in comedy film Wedding Crashers. With a performance turned up to 500, Ferrell plays the detestable Chazz Reinhold, a man who preys on vulnerable women at funerals. Needless to say, funeral crashing doesn’t catch on.