19 Weird Soda Pop Flavors You Didn’t Know Existed

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Whenever you go to grab a soda pop you probably think of Coke, Pepsi, or Mountain Dew. These are “normal” soda flavors, but did you know that a lot of really weird flavors are available as well? Some even have really weird labels to go with their odd flavors. For instance, one that’s not mentioned here actually uses Hentai on its label. As for the rest, these flavors will truly surprise you almost just as much.


Coca-Cola created this soda in 1963. It was popular throughout the 1970’s because it was only the second diet soda on the market.

Jones Soda Co. Peanut Butter and Jelly Soda

Jones Soda Company is actually known for creating many weird, limited-edition sodas. While they’ve created mashed potato and turkey & gravy, only PB&J still exists.

Ski Pop

This is a poor man’s version of Surge (similar to Mountain Dew). People in Vinton County feed Ski Pop to their chickens.

Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray

In New York City this celery flavored soda is actually popular at delicatessens. Since celery doesn’t taste like anything, this soda probably doesn’t either.

Lester’s Fixins

Manufactured by Rocket Fizz Brand Sodas, these sodas are really weird. They’re available in flavors like Ranch Dressing and Buffalo Wings.

Faygo Cotton Candy

While Faygo does have a lot of “normal” flavors, this one is their most unusual. This is Juggalos’ non-official soda.


This Russian made soda is red, bubbly and goes well with Vodka. Supposedly it tastes like lemonade, but it’s red.

Placenta Soda

Nobody knows for sure if they use real placentas in this soda. However, there are some reports that it’s “the real deal.”

Salty Watermelon Soda

Pepsi sold this limited-edition flavor in Japan where it only lasted for the summer of 2012 before they retired it.

Bitter Soda

Hamoud Boualem is an Algerian soft drink manufacturing company who’s created bitter soda. This tastes just like it sounds, with a hint of lemon.

Curry Soda

This is a Japanese soda made by Ramune and tastes precisely as its name implies. It’s sold online today.

Ice Cucumber Soda

Pepsi also made this flavor for the Japanese, but this time it was during the summer of 2007.

Black Garlic Soda

Hailing from Switzerland, LaObamas manufactures this soda that they describe as “a refreshing special garlic drink, absolutely free of garlic smell.”

Onion Soft Drink

As bad as this sounds, South Korea’s Tamla Village Co., Ltd. Is actually helping you by manufacturing this soda. That’s because jeju online contain anticancer substances.

Tree Bark Soda

Flavored with Mauby (a type of tree bark), this soda has a sweet taste followed by a bitter aftertaste. Many who drink it for the first time experience laxative effects.

Fanta Cassis

This is yet another one of Fanta’s more peculiar soda flavors. It is a black currant flavored soda that’s available in both Kenya and Egypt.

Strawberry Milk Soda

Strawberry milk soda is yet another limited-edition flavor that Pepsi featured in Japan, this time in November 2011. It tastes like a fizzy strawberry milk.

Grass Jelly Soft Drink

Yeo manufactures grass jelly soda in Malaysia. People say that it tastes like “warm, stale coke with sludge.”

White Fungus Bird’s Nest Soft Drink

The Vietnamese make this soda from white fungus found in the nests of cave-dwelling birds. It’s texture is like that of pulpy orange juice.