15 Reasons Why Ladies Love The Dadbod

Dadbods Won’t Body-Shame

They won’t make fun of your shape–because they have their own too. Dadbods respect the ladies’ bodies more, and thus won’t make insulting remarks or bad jokes regarding your weight because they know the feeling.

Women Don’t Feel Like They Have To Compete With Them

Women are full of insecurities who see everything as a competition. Dating the guy with the perfect body makes them feel worse about themselves, like they constantly have to compete and ‘keep up’. You develop a complex where you have to measure everything: ‘Oh, I already ate 3 slices of pizza while he’s on the gym lifting weights. I must do triple the work to keep up with him!’ That’s certainly not our idea of fun.

Dates Are More Fun

Dudes with dadbods certainly know how to have fun. You can go on dates where you can watch a movie with some popcorn and soda, or go to a meal in a restaurant without him counting your calories.

Dadbod dudes certainly have more variety than the Adonis from the gym whose idea of a ‘date’ is running a marathon together, doing yoga together or lifting weights together. Yawn.