15 Cool And Crazy Toilets And Urinals

Most of us never really give much thought to our toilets. We use them every day at work, school or even during desperate situations at the mall. But have you ever noticed just how unique a toilet is? Well maybe you haven’t, because every time you go to your bathroom there sits the regular ceramic toilet — how boring. Well if you ever want to add a little fun to your bathroom then you will certainly appreciate these 15 cool and crazy toilets and urinals.

Zombie Toilet

If you want a mini heart attack every single time you go to the bathroom, then this gory zombie toilet will definitely do that.

Aquarium Toilet

They say having an aquarium is relaxing, and what better place to relax than in your bathroom; more specifically the toilet. We wonder how the fish feel about this?

Transparent Toilet

We’re all for pushing the envelop and creating new things, but a transparent toilet is a bit too much for our taste. It sounds good in theory, but you do know what goes into the toilet, right?