13 Times You’ve Made The Same Face As Emma Stone

There’s a reason Emma Stone has been called the Julia Roberts of the Millennial generation: she’s cute, quirky, and down-to-earth. Her persona in interviews has the accessible kind of charm that makes her seem like perfect best friend material, but you don’t need to watch a whole video to connect with her on a basic human level; all it takes is a few pictures of her endearingly silly facial expressions. Check out the 13 photos below and see how many times you and Emma Stone have made the same faces!

The “I Got Starbucks!” Face

Hey, even actresses can get a case of the Mondays. Sometimes the only thing that can perk up your day is a big cup of coffee. Most of us tend to celebrate our caffeine kicks on the inside, but Emma isn’t afraid to let the world know how pumped she is.

The “I’m So Over This Conversation” Face

Ever had to spend too long engaging in a conversation with someone you aren’t exactly excited to talk to? Of course you have, and Emma has too. Here she was caught in an eye-roll that lets us all know she’s not all that enthused about the question she was just asked.