12 Bizarre Mental Disorders That Will Leave You Speechless

Mental disorders affect many people in society today and have been for thousands of years. Thankfully technology and adequate research has now made it much easier for us to recognize, understand and treat many disorders that were once unknown. Also called psychiatric disorder, a mental disorder is a behavioral pattern that tends to cause suffering and/or an impaired capability to function in society. Here are 12 bizarre mental disorders that will probably leave you speechless.

Koro Syndrome

This disorder is culturally specific – so far cases have been found in China, Japan and India. Koro syndrome sufferers believe that the genitalia is shrinking and will eventually continue until it totally disappears inside of them. For men it is often the penis and for women, the nipples.

There have even been extreme cases where the patient believed that after the genitalia disappears inside it will kill them. Psychologists presume that cultural beliefs and psycho-sexual conflicts play an integral part in the development of this disorder.

Clinical Lycanthropy

This disorder has gained a great deal of attention due to the popularity of wolves and werewolves in today’s pop culture. Sufferers of this illness believe that they can turn into wolves or werewolves, and will oftentimes spend nights in the woods, believing it to be their natural habitat. Clinical lycanthropy is not specific to just these animals. Persons may believe that they can actually transform into any animal. This delusional belief is linked with altered states of mind that accompany psychosis.


Most of us have heard about cannibalism where humans eat other humans, but with autophagia the person actually devours parts of their own body.

Persons who suffer from this condition often feel a sense of arousal or tension before committing the act, followed by feelings of gratification or pleasure while doing it. After the act is complete however, they may feel guilt and regret ̶ though this is not the case for everyone.