10 Of The Dumbest Criminals In The World

If ever there were people out there in the world who could get you not to perform a robbery or any other criminal act, then the following ten individuals should be it. These men and women managed to outperform everyone on the stupid scale and get themselves caught trying to carry out the perfect crime. Everything from robbing a store during a shop with a cop event to calling the police on themselves for performing an act against the law. Here are ten individuals who are too dumb to make a living as a criminal.

Shop With A Cop

While in the midst of a “Shop with a Cop” charity event at a local Walmart, criminal Timothy Clark decided to rob the store. Clark was captured on the spot as he tried to get away with some stolen goods.

Ad Placement

Anamicka Dave was searching for a drug dealer within the area, so she posted an advertisement in Craigslist looking for someone to deliver marijuana. She arranged to meet the person who responded, but it ended up being the police.