11 Signs You Have A Poltergeist In Your Home

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With the recent remake of Poltergeist hitting the theaters, it seems as though this would be a good time to take a look at the signs that you may have a poltergeist in your home. If you see any of these signs, the first thing you should do is pack up and move out. If the creepy stuff follows you then it’s time to call in a priest. Remember, a poltergeist as much worse and more violent than a normal haunting.

Things Just Randomly Move Or Disappear

You may notice that things often don’t appear to still be right where you left them. Instead they are in a whole new location, or maybe you can no longer find them at all. This could be a sign of a poltergeist, or pixies. Keep reading to verify if it’s a nasty spirit causing havoc in your home.

You Smell Foul Odors

What is that smell? Is that rotting meat? Is that sewage? While pregnancy (and some super powers) can enhance your sense of smell, if you are smelling something really bad in the air and you don’t have a dead mouse in the walls or a sewer leak, it could be the sign of a foul demon in your home. Or a poltergeist.

Things Start To Float

Levitating objects may be a sign that gravity has gone awry, it’s more likely a sign of a poltergeist having a little fun trying to scare you. Maybe they’ll just make your child’s toys float, or maybe they’ll throw some knives your way. Be careful!

You Start Hearing Noises

Always a sign of a haunting, things go bump in the night. Maybe you hear scratching in the walls and just try to play it off as a mouse or squirrel. Maybe you hear footsteps, but no one is there. Maybe it’s just the creeks and settling of an old house, or maybe it’s a poltergeist.

You Hear Voices Or Find Messages

If glowing red eyes in the kitchen told you to “Get out,” would you stay? If the word murder showed up in blood on your door, forwards or backwards, would you stay? Probably not. If you start hearing disembodied voices in the television or in the air, or they leave you written messages, it’s a clear sign your home is haunted.

Objects Turn On And Off By Themselves

If your electronic devices start turning themselves on or off, you may have a poltergeist, or it may just be normal electrical interference. However, if the television turns on and is all snowy and someone seems to be in there calling your name, it’s definitely a poltergeist. Back away from the TV.

You Notice Strange Cuts Or Bruises

Poltergeists are notorious for hurting people. You may wake up with bruises in strange places that you just can’t find a reason for. You may also have strange hand prints or fingerprint bruises that also can’t be explained.

Broken Things Suddenly Work Again

Do you have a broken grandfather clock that hasn’t worked in years that suddenly started chiming at 3 o’clock in the morning? While it could be the original owner just chiming in to say hello, it could very well be a poltergeist.

You Are Being Attacked By Something That Isn’t There

Something slaps you, but no one is there. This is definitely the sign of a very angry poltergeist. They’ve been known to do much worse than slap people, so it’s time to get help if physical violence has started.

Your Dog Is Suddenly Afraid To Come In The House

Pets can sense things even when humans can’t. When your dog that normally loves being indoors is suddenly afraid to come inside, it’s a sign something is wrong. You may have a poltergeist in your home if your dog barks loudly and refuses to come in the house.

Your Child Starts Talking To Inanimate Objects

Ghosts and poltergeists like to pretend they are something they’re not, a friend to children. If your child is suddenly talking to the television or their toys (and it’s something they don’t normally do), you may have a poltergeist haunting your home and trying to steal your child’s soul.