10 Weird Sex Fetishes That Are More Common Than You Think

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People are all unique beings with their own idiosyncrasies. We have own quirky interests, but there are just some people who find sexual arousal and stimulation in the weirdest things. There are tons of different sexual fetishes — whether it’s feet, or furry toys, or even the fantasy of women falling into quicksand — some are more common than you think. Here are 10 of the most bizarre sex fetishes that are shared by a lot of people from around the world.

Foot Fetish

Feet is the most common sexual fetish in this list. A lot of men (and women) admit to being attracted by pretty-looking feet, but some people go to extreme lengths to be sexually satisfied by ‘feet’. There’s a trend called ‘foot hooking’, where willing clients pay up to $200 or more to get into a private foot spa to lick and ‘worship’ ladies’ feet.

Machines Turn Them On

Some sexual fetishes can be so weird and yet do not have enough grounds to make them ‘illegal’. One example is mechanophilia, or love for machines.

Some people get turned on by machines — cars, planes, bikes, helicopters. A man in America claims to have been ‘in love’ with his car, and has had sex with the car a thousand times. Whether it was consensual or not–we don’t know.

In the UK, having sex with machines in public is crime, and if caught you could land yourself in the sex offenders registry.


If you’ve seen ‘The Fox’ video by Ylvis, you know what we’re talking about. Furries are people who dress up in animal suits and masks and pretend to be animals. While this lifestyle isn’t particularly ‘sexual’, there are people within the community that enjoy having sex in the said furry costumes.

Grown-up Babies

There is an existing roleplaying activity where fully-grown adults act like babies, wearing diapers, speaking gibberish and all. There are active parent-baby roles, even cuddling and breastfeeding with the grown up baby. It’s very bizarre how this can all be sexually arousing–but in the US alone, there are 15,000 Americans belonging to this club!

Love For Teddy Bears

Seth McFarlane’s comedy ‘Ted’ might have elicited laughter to most of us, but to some people scenes of the sexually promiscuous teddy might have been incredibly arousing.

These people are known as ursusagalmatophiliacs — or people with teddy bear fetishes. There’s just something about plush and cuddly toys that turn these people on.

Interest for Amputees

We all feel sympathy and compassion when we see someone who went through such trauma as losing a limb. But there are those who go beyond that and feel sexual attraction towards amputees!

Being Covered With Insects

This one’s uncommon, and although not illegal, is still without a doubt bizarre. Formicophilia get sexual pleasure when insects crawl all over their body, getting additional pleasure when the insects give them an occasional nip and bite.

Sleeping Beauty

Some people like having sex with sleeping partners. It may sound a bit odd, but some people also liked being f-cked while they are asleep, sometimes intentionally getting super wasted to pass out, or taking heavy-duty sleeping pills to get knocked out cold.

Sex in Confined Spaces

The idea of being stuck in small, confined spaces must be unpleasant for the vast majority. Claustrophobia is quite common, but claustrophilia — or being sexually turned on by confined spaces, is quite unheard of but exists to a minor population.

Attraction to Criminals

Women are known to prefer ‘bad boy types’, but hybristophiliacs take it one step forther. Hybristophilia, also known as Bonnie & Clyde syndrome, is known as sexual interest to a convict — a robber, murderer, rapist, or any lowly criminal. Many women do fall trap to the charms of criminals, looking at the amount of fan mail high-profile criminals receive from their female admirers.