10 Weird And Extremely Unusual Casino Games

Dreaming to win big, gamblers are able to go from zero to amazing riches and go straight to zero again in just a matter of seconds. Enticed by casinos worldwide, people are losing money and becoming rich at the same time playing the huge variety of games the house has to offer. In order to keep their customers entertained casinos come up with different strategies and new games almost all the time, but there are few games which are weird, pointless and in some cases extremely unusual. Without further adieu here are ten of the strangest casino games in the world.

Belgian Birdsong

A very popular game in Belgium casinos, the Belgian Bridsong is a game gamblers play, where a group of birds in separate cages take it in turns to sing for the punters. The players bet their money on which of the birds they believe will sing the longest and the loudest.


A game you can only play at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, Chuck-a-luck is a three-dice game, where the dices are tumbled in a cage and the player has to place bets on how the dice will land. Winning is based on the wages of how many times the waged number is rolled when the dice lands.