10 Ways The Syrian War Might Be Reaching Its Final Days

Assad’s Regime Will Soon Fall

In Syria, things are becoming increasingly messy. With the presence of multiple rebel splinter groups, the toppling of major cities and the rebuttal of outside allies, Assad doesn’t look to be in the greatest position.

Overwhelmingly, Assad’s position in the country seems to be weakening and soon enough, his future choices could be being made for him. According to Western thinking, it might be time to start considering a “post-Assad Syria”. The only thing is, however, nobody knows who will replace him.

ISIS Becomes Weaker Each Day

In the West, the videos and reports that we are shown seem to point only to the growing strength of the ISIS regime. On the ground in Syria, however, it’s not quite so simple.

Whilst ISIS attacked the Iraqi cities of Ramadi and Palmyra with success, other missions of theirs have not been so successful. Plans of an attack on the Kurdish city of Kobane had to be abandoned, a fact which was not only a blow to their image but also, their beliefs.

In order to succeed in their cause, members of ISIS believe that they must carry out military action to get God’s approval. By failing to deliver, they undermine themselves and their beliefs.