10 Ways The Syrian War Might Be Reaching Its Final Days

According to news reports around the world, things in Syria couldn’t be any worse than they are right now. Increasingly violent attacks give way to more aggressive rebuttals and what started out as a glimmer of hope for the Syrian people has quickly become something altogether more insidious. If you look a little closer, though, the Syrian war is not as clear cut as it seems, and in the attacks and uprisings, things look like they’re beginning to change. With new rebel groups and alliances forming, are the days of the Assad regime nearing an end?

The South Is Becoming More Moderate

Despite other rebel groups fighting for dominance in the north of the country, forces in southern Syria remain relatively moderate. Controlled by the Free Syrian Army, Southern Syria seems to be gaining in strength, having gained dominance of important borders between Syria and Jordan.

Whilst it isn’t clear what the south’s success will bring about in the rest of the war, their growing presence appears to be a positive move, indicating good change to come.

Allies Of Assad Are Decreasing

When Assad was under attack for the first time, it seemed like other governing bodies would be able to bail him out and offer him necessary protection. Russia and Iran were the most loyal, providing access to arms supplies and diplomatic support.

Further down the line, though, things are becoming more complex. Putin recently pulled his advisers from Syria and downsized the embassy staff. Iran’s presence, meanwhile, has become increasingly strained, desperately relying on its own military budget to fund Assad’s cause.

The presence of allies seems to be waning and pretty soon, Assad might be on his own.