10 Vacation Spots That Will Spice Up Your Love Life

Are you in a relationship with someone you really care a lot about, but you find that your romance life lacking some serious sizzle? Would you like to take some time to add a bit of spice back into things, liven it up a bit? With summer almost here, you’re probably thinking about vacation time. This is a great time to add some sizzle back into your life by visiting one of the following destinations.

The Abel Tasman Skydive In Motueka, New Zealand

Consider going skydiving with your partner and “fall” in love all over again. This is an action-packed experience that will not only add excitement to your relationship, but will also help you build wonderful memories too. What makes this even better is that you’ll skydive over beautiful New Zealand views, such as Witness Mount Taranaki, Nelson Lakes and Abel Tasman.

The ​Museum Of Sex In New York, New York

If you’re interested in learning something new, The Museum of Sex in New York, New York has preserved everything about human sexuality and is committed to educating you. They also have a hands-on exhibit entitled “The Erotic Playground” that will stimulate your five senses.