10 Things You Didn’t Know About Martin Luther King Jr

People usually believe that one person cannot make a difference in a system as powerful and notorious as the one we operate in today. History, however, is lined with examples of individuals who have shaken the very foundation of the system, and brought about tremendous change with their will and dedication. Martin Luther King Jr is one such individual who is a true inspiration in the area of social development, liberating a massive section of the American population from slavery and tyranny. His words and actions have had a profound impact on the future of American civilization, which is why it is important to know these 10 amazing facts about him.

Lion-Hearted Luther

Martin Luther King Jr may have had the metaphorical heart of a lion, but the tremendous amount of stress he encountered affected his actual heart quite deeply. Doctors said, after his autopsy, that his heart had aged 20 years more than him due to the stress.

MLK Day In Other Countries

Martin Luther King day is celebrated in other parts of the world as well. Canada and Japan are two countries who celebrate the meaningful occasion.