10 Of The Most Dangerous Jobs We Take For Granted

Everyone complains about their job at one point or another, but how many can actually say they hold an extremely dangerous job that may mean life or death at some point in their career? The answer is actually quite high, as there are a lot of dangerous jobs out there held by people who are simply doing what needs to be done. The danger in these jobs comes in many forms, from serious injury to loss of life and anything in between. Yet people continue getting up in the morning to complete them. Here are ten of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Coast Guard Search and Rescue

The Coast Guard holds one of the noblest of career in the entire world, as they save people’s lives on a regular basis. However, Coast Guards are exposed to terrible environments, rough conditions, natural disasters, sea rescues, night rescues, and plenty of other dangerous situations.

Construction Workers

Construction Workers are exposed to plenty, including hazardous materials, explosives, power tools, heavy machinery, and unstable buildings with extreme heights. The fatality rate currently sits at 18.3 per 100,000 workers, making it incredibly dangerous.