10 Terrifying Everyday Facts You Should Know

The world is a highly dangerous place, no matter what you are currently doing in your everyday life. The fact of the matter is, no matter what you do, it could be quite dangerous in the end. Thousands are involved in car accidents, people die in plane crashes, heart disease has become a leading killer, and most people end up with cancer. It is terrifying, but truthful. Everyday life can kill you, but learning the facts ahead of time can prevent early death or some pain in the future. Here are ten terrifying facts that may scare you now, but help in the long run.

Watching TV

Watching television for longer than 2 hours per day is said to decrease your life expectancy by around 1.4 years. That means if you watch television for six hours every day, you will die 5 years earlier than you may naturally.

Office Desk

The average office desk at that work space you covet has been scientifically found to have 400 times more bacteria than a public toilet. That means you can get far sicker by sitting at work than by dropping the kids off at the pool.