10 Surprisingly Unusual Lifestyle Choices People Have Made

The ‘Live Like it’s 1986’ Family

Tired of their children being hypnotized by their iPhones and iPads, the McMillans from Canada decided rather not to punish their children, but to show them what life was like before the internet. Thus, the couple of Morgan and Blair, 26 and 27, have decided to start living with their two children – Trey, 5 and Denton, 2, like it’s the year 1986, condemning any post-1986 technology. Could you live without phones and internet? Well, they certainly can!

Woman Lives With Husband And Her Lover

We are not certain how they all get along, but Maria Butzki, 33, lives with her lover Peter, 36, and her husband Paul, 37, under the same roof with the couple’s two children, only because Maria couldn’t choose between the two men. Weird, eh?