10 Surprising Easter Eggs In Apple Devices

Easter contains many traditions, including a scavenger hunt that involves finding eggs with candy in them. This is how the terminology of “Easter eggs” came into fruition — they’re hidden features that are amusing and potentially valuable. Many movies, devices, and video games feature Easter eggs that are a joy to figure out and unleash. Apple wasn’t shy to add quite a few of them to all of their devices. Here are some of the coolest ones that you can find in your Apple devices.

Blue Screen Of Death

A clever jab to PCs can be found if there is somebody that’s connected to your network with a Windows computer. Just enter the Network Hub in your Finder and you’ll see an old-style computer with the “Blue Screen of Death” error message on the screen.

Steve Jobs’ Hidden Words

On the record avatar on Mac, there are four words on the vinyl record: boom, magic, revolution, and unbelievable. These words are what Steve Jobs said most frequently when delivering presentations.