10 Sunken Ships Adventurists Need To Explore

There are more than 3 million shipwrecks sitting on the bottom of the oceans throughout the world. Many of these were sunken due to an oceanic accident, unfavorable weather, or perhaps as a casualty of war. Some of these were scattered in the underwater currents, some have broken apart underneath the waves, but there are many sunken ships that remain right where they landed on the ocean floor. Here are ten sunken ships that any adventurist truly needs to explore before they pass on to the next life.

SS President Coolidge, Vanuatu

Originally constructed as a US luxury ocean liner, the SS President Coolidge served as a troopship during World War 2. Unfortunately, it was sunk by mines in Espiritu Santo. Divers are able to explore the massive wreck in shallow and deep dives.

Um El Faroud, Malta

The Um El Faroud launched in 1969, and was a 10,000 ton Libyan owned motor tanker. Following a gas explosion during routine maintenance, she was scuttled off the coast of Malta. The sunken ship is now a popular diving attraction.