10 Stupid Criminals Who Got Caught For Ridiculous Reasons

Criminals are more often than not extremely dangerous people. In fact, high profile criminals are known to be very smart and have incredibly high IQs that they employ to commit incredibly extensive plans. However, there are also those criminals that are incredibly stupid and leave us all asking ourselves how did they even survive in this world for such a long time. The following ten criminals who got caught for the most ridiculous reasons will leave you amazed at how dumb people can be.

Betrayed By His Methamphetamines

Christopher Wilson was convinced he had a perfect plan as to how to rob a home-improvement store in Washington. What happened, however, was that he dropped his bottle of methamphetamines during the robbery. On the bottle was his name and address which was enough for the police to catch him.

A Teen Robber Who “Donated” Both His Wallet and ID

An eighteen-year-old guy by the name of Steven Diaz from Pasadena, California was planning on stealing a bottle of wine from a supermarket. However, before he could do it, he managed to drop his phone, wallet and the bottle right in front of the guard.