10 Strange And Amazing Things Recovered From The Bottom Of The Sea

There is no greater mystery on our planet than the secrets that lie hidden on the ocean floor. We are yet to discover the truth behind a vast majority of our water bodies. There are countless species that are still unknown simply because the oceans are so difficult to explore. This doesn’t stop innumerable divers from making their way into the unknown and pushing the boundaries of our reality. On their many trips to the seas and oceans, these divers have discovered some amazing things that were considered lost until now. Here is a list of 10 amazing things that were recovered at the bottom of the sea.

Jurassic Microbes

An expedition conducted in 2012 found the oldest living organisms on the planet. These microbes belonged to the Jurassic era and are known to be alive for more than 86 million years.

Ancient Computer From Greece

This device is called the Antikythera mechanism and it is one of the most amazing discoveries made in the recent past. This is the oldest known gear mechanism on our planet and was some times referred to as an analog computer, simply because its structure was so complicated. Although it was found in the early 1900’s, its true purpose is still unknown, and most scientists believe it was used to predict solar and lunar eclipses.