10 Signs That Have Been Hilariously Vandalized

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If you watch the news for even a few minutes, you will realize that the world is in a state of turmoil. Politics is a sham, the economy is drowning, there are several forms of discrimination rampant in our world, and terrorism seems to be standing tall. What is a person supposed to do during such a time of crisis? Well for one thing, we need to get a lot less serious about everything around. If we lighten up as a species, at least half our problems are sure to go away. Here is a list of 10 funny vandalized signs to help you smile a little and take the edge off.


This ordinary sign that is supposed to tell passerby’s to watch out for native kiwi’s is now a sign that tells people to look out for kiwi’s having a blast on ski’s.

Stop Vandalism

The irony in this situation is quite rich. This person has vandalized a stop sign in order to ask people to stop vandalizing things.

No Pie Zone

If you want to eat a pie in this vicinity, you better have a permit handy.

Slayer Fan

I always knew god was a Slayer fan. Heavy riffs always seemed like something god would enjoy a lot.

Five Mile Hill

I traveled all the way up to this place to visit the five mile hill. Turns out it was only a five milf hill all along.

One Way

This is a genuinely dangerous act of vandalism. People could get lost here, but as soon as they do, they realize that it was the other way, so no harm I guess.

Smooth Skin

If you are going to use a pretty face to advertise smooth skin, at least make sure that the skin is smooth. People can be quite judgmental in this regard.

Men Sadly At Work

This genius vandal managed to turn an innocent ‘Men at work’ sign into a sign that represents a man digging many graves. How nefarious!

Graffiti Removal Hotline

The biggest challenge graffiti removal hot-lines face are graffiti artists, and that is a fact.

Grow Pot

Who knew that Durham is the hidden gem that all pot growers have been looking for. Even their welcome sign seems to take pot pretty seriously.