15 Creative Alarm Clocks You’d Love To Wake Up To

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Getting out of bed each morning is probably the worst part of your day — even if you are a ‘morning’ person. Being jolted from an amazing dream or getting up from your huge comfy bed just doesn’t seem fair. But hey we all have to get up and go to work, get the kids ready for school and make sure that everyone gets to their destinations on time. To keep us on track we often opt for a boring alarm clock that annoyingly reminds us that it’s time to get up. But, what if our alarm clocks were more fun, more challenging, more unique, would that help? Check out these amazing options and decide for yourself!

No Snooze Alarm Clock

This little gizmo requires that you rotate the attached strap for 90 seconds at 2 rotations per second in order to stop the alarm. Failure to do so means restarting the entire process — now that will surely wake you up!

DangerBomb Alarm Clock

You better be wide awake for this one. When the alarm goes off, you have to choose which wire to cut in order to stop it. If you choose the wrong one…KABOOOM! Well not really, of course, but you get the idea!

SNUZNLUZ Alarm Clock

Ever heard the saying “you snooze you lose?” well you better take it seriously because this clock sure does. The SNUZNLUZ donates money from your online bank account to an organization via WiFi every time you hit the snooze button.

Shape Up Alarm Clock

Who wouldn’t love an alarm clock that not only gets you to work on time, but gets you in shape as well? In order to disarm the alarm on this clock which doubles as a dumbbell, you have to do 30 reps.

The Carpet Alarm Clock

Yes this is not just any old carpet, it’s actually an alarm clock as well. In order to turn the alarm off you have to physically get out of bed and stand on it.

The Rocket Launcher Alarm Clock

This alarm clock shoots out a rocket and starts to beep, the only way to disable the beeping is to locate the rocket and place it back onto it’s launching pad. So you better get up before its 3…2…1 blast off!

Glowing Pillow Alarm Clock

Known as the Happillow, this interactive pillow and alarm clock combo shows the time through a set of glowing LED lights. When the alarm goes off, the clock goes through 3 steps to wake you up.

First the LEDs starts to blink, then gets brighter in a few seconds. Next the pillow starts to vibrate, then the inner speakers of the pillow plays a ringtone from softest to loudest. In order to turn off the alarm you have to shake the pillow.

The Flying Alarm Clock

This one will certainly keep you on time, all the time, because when the alarm sounds, even a deep sleeper will get up from this one.

But that’s not all, the clock then launches a propeller which bounces around the room and cannot be stopped unless you retrieve the propeller and return it to the base.

Tuna Can Alarm Clock

This yummy looking alarm clock is disguised as a can of tuna-minus the fishy smell. When it goes off just crack open to lid just like you would a real can of tuna.

Clapperboard Alarm Clock

Be the director of your own Hollywood movie with this digital clapperboard alarm clock, which looks like an exact replica of the ones used in show business. When the alarm goes off, you have to smack down the clapperboard to silence it.

. Finger Dance Alarm Clock

Inspired by the popular ‘dance revolution’ game, you need to have rhythm to disarm this clock.

Once the alarm/music goes off you have to play a funky little dance game with your fingers until the music stops!

The Blender Alarm Clock

We all know that the sound of pulverizing food can certainly be loud and annoying which is why the blender alarm clock is such a perfect idea.

Not only does it wake you up with different blending sounds, it also plays music at the same time. Yikes!

Money Shredder Alarm Clock

Proving that “time is money” this innovative alarm clock literally shreds your money every time you hit the snooze button.

So you can either get out of bed or pay a hefty sum for every minute that you don’t get up.

The Vibrator Alarm Clock

You’re bound to wake up ‘happy’ with this cheeky alarm clock. Known as the ‘Wake-Up Vibe’ all you have to do is set the timer, put it in your underwear and when the time comes… well… you get the idea.

Mr Bump Alarm Clock

This one really allows you to express your frustration at having to get out of bed. In order to turn off the alarm you have to throw it against the wall. Awesome right?