10 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About North Korea

North Korea has remained something of a mystery ever since the Korean War, when the state effectively closed its doors and prevented the outside world from having access to its land. The increasingly bizarre policies of leaders and the fact that they rarely interact with any other nation has led to the country having some truly bizarre cultures, practices and secrets that many people are completely unaware of. While there are plenty of wild rumors about the state, the true facts are often just as strange.

Teachers Had To Learn The Accordion

Teachers often have to follow pretty arbitrary rules according to where they are working but in North Korea during the 1990s, all teachers were forced to learn how to play the accordion. It isn’t exactly clear why this happened or how it was enforced.

There Are Only Three Television Channels

Even though there is very little entertainment in the country for the vast majority of the population, the government only allows three channels to broadcast on television. Of these, two of them are only available at the weekend while the other is limited to being shown strictly in the evening when people have finished work.