10 Shocking Facts About The World’s 1%

If you’re old enough to understand the economy within the United States, then chances are you know how flawed the structure of everything truly is. Sanders, the presidential candidate, has spoke out against big corporations and their interests having corrupted the way the political system works just because they have tons of money. These companies have rigged the entirety of the economy simply so they could benefit more easily from the masses. Sanders argued against a justice system where the top 1 percent owns as much money and wealth as the bottom 90 percent. Here are ten shocking facts about the world’s 1%.


The term “1 percent” is tossed around a lot these days, but each state has a varying scale when it comes to determining wealth. In Connecticut, for example, the highest income for the top 1 percent is currently around $677,000, making them 51 times more wealthy than the bottom 99 percent.

Getting Worse

The divide between the incredibly rich and the less-than-fortunate is becoming worse all the time. The stock market money has not “trickled down” to anyone but the wealthy. And the median income is not being adjusted for inflation.