10 Shocking Facts About Sex You Weren’t Taught In School

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Sex ed in school is a pretty helpful thing when you are just getting your sexual start. You can learn a number of things that your friends likely got very wrong and you can take solace in knowing that you are being forced to learn the stuff so it’s a little less embarrassing. Because this education is done in schools, there are likely going to be a couple of things you aren’t actually taught. Sometimes it’s because the school just doesn’t think it’s something a 14 year old needs to know. Other times, it’s because the teachers are even more embarrassed than you are. Whatever the reason, check out our list of 10 shocking facts about sex you weren’t taught in school and tell us if you already knew any of them.

Doing Dishes Is a Major Turnoff For Men

Studies show that the more housework a man does, the less interested he is in having sex. It’s possible that doing no housework will lead to no sex, so it’s a lose-lose for some men.

Erections Are Tied To Money

There are a number of pieces of research out there that show men who have a significant other who make more than them, tend to have more problems with erectile dysfunction.

People Like To Get Down At The Workplace

Glassdoor, which is a corporate recruitment website, recently ran a survey of more than 1,000 executives. That survey found that more than 10 percent reported having sex in their office.

Sperm Has A Ton of Genetic Information

A single sperm cell is said to have the equivalent of 37.5 megabytes of the Male’s DNA information.

Pumpkins Are A Male Aphrodesiac

According to one study carried out by an organization in Chicago, the smell of pumpkins can increase the blood flow to the penis. And you thought it was the taste of pumpkin pie that made men love Thanksgiving so much.

Male Seniors Get Laid More

A number of studies have shown men over the age of 70 get laid quite a bit more than female seniors. These men have sex 230 times more than women over 70.

Semen Is An Anti-Depressant

Semen has a number of chemicals that are good for the human body. The substance can elevate moods, increase affection and help people sleep.

Sex Leads To Injuries

Studies show that 33 percent of all Americans report being injured while having sex. These injuries include pulled muscles, carpet burns and sprained ankles.

Overweight Men Last Longer

One study found that overweight men (at least in Turkey) are more than two-pump chumps. In fact, the study found these men last three times longer during sex than men who are fit and healthy.

Your Sex Life Might Affect Your Bank Account, or Vice Versa

A recent study of Greek households found that people who had sex four or more times a week earned quite a bit more than those who were going without.