10 Shocking Facts About Nymphomaniacs You Never Knew

It’s All In Women’s Heads

There’s always been and there still are some people who believe that the shape of a person’s head can decide on their actions. Phrenologists believe that the faculty concerned with physical love and sexual attraction is positioned on the lower back of the head, behind the ears. So if the back of your head is big, that automatically means you literally have too much sex in the brain. Of course, these claims have been shut down by scientists many times.

Nymphomaniacs Are Basically Sex Addicts

In the past, the term “nymphomaniac” or “nympho” used to be applied to people who had a lot of sexual desire and practiced sex very frequently. Nowadays, the term is not scientifically meaningful simply because there are no specific criteria that would define it as there is no way to determine how much sexual desire or activity is too much. Instead, we call people who have very high sex drives hypersexual and often the synonyms are sexual addiction and compulsivity. Research has shown that only around 8% of the total population of men and 3% of women are sexually addicted.