10 Shocking Easter Eggs The Cloverfield Movies Want You To Miss

‘Them’ Makes a Cameo As Well

Just like King Kong, the film has one quick flash to a film it’s apparently paying homage to. During the scene where our heroes are in the subway and are attempting to fight off insect like creatures that have come from the larger beast. When they’ve managed to escape the creatures, one character drops the camera and we get a shot of his friends getting on the train and a single frame of the black and white shot of a giant ant from the 1954 horror film Them.

20,000 Fathoms Cameo

Just in case you thought these freeze frame black and white shots interspersed in the film were some sort of mistake, the fact that there are three should prove that theory wrong.

The third scene comes just after the Giant Ant shot where the characters are getting off the subway train a couple of “white noise” segments hit the camera and during the second one, a shot of the beast from 20,000 Fathoms can be seen.