10 Shocking Details Hollywood Got Right That You Wish They Hadn’t

The Leg Amputation Scene in Saw

Some people might think it ridiculous that someone would saw off their own leg but at least one person has done it. A man named Barry Hepburn was frustrated when doctors wouldn’t amputate his legs. He decided to do it himself and got the first one off before he passed out and died from blood loss.

The Plot For Final Destination

While the idea that death will come looking for someone it once missed sounds unbelievable, it basically happened to one unlucky woman. Jessica Redfield walked out of a Toronto movie theater just before a gunman opened fire on the crowd. Redfield said she left because she had an uneasy feeling.

A month later, she went to the premiere of Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado and was one of those killed by James Holmes when he opened fire on the crowd.