10 Important Inventions That Came From Surprising Places

The age of technology has given us a lot of important inventions that have managed to change the course of our future. Every part of the world has managed to contribute during this era, and the cumulative effort has given us the comfortable modern lives we live today. It is hard to imagine that this massive technological rise has come about despite various countries working in secrecy to create their own unique products. If the world’s think tanks came together to create necessary scientific breakthroughs, then it is hard to fathom how far we will truly go as a species. This list features 10 important inventions from the past century, and the surprising countries that produced these inventions.

Color Television By Scotland

The world of information and entertainment was never the same after the invention of the color television set. This important milestone was achieved by Scottish inventor John Baird on July 3rd, 1928.

Zero By India

Zero was first used by the Egyptians as a symbol, but the Indians were the first people in the world who used the zero for calculations.